Persuasive Essay Publishing

Essay Writing Practice / Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Complete the final copy of your persuasive essay.  Be sure to re-read it one last time before you hand it


□ Pre-write Organizer

□ TYPED in 12 point BLACK*

□ Final copy neatly presented

□ 1 or 1 ½ inch margins

□ Rough Draft with Edits and Revisions

□ Double-spaced

□ Grading Rubric (this sheet)

How you will be graded:           

*Persuasive essay can also be neatly written in blue or black ink, skipping lines.

Excellent Good Fair Unsatisfactory
5:  The writer: 4:  The writer 3: The writer 2: The writer
►Constructs an essay that provides a clear introduction. ►Introduction is not compelling or clear. ►Introduction is weak or requires clarification. ►Essay lacks an introduction.
►Organizes the essay into an Introduction, three strong body paragraphs and a conclusion. ►Mostly organizes the essay as required. ►Missing a critical component of the organization. ►does not organize the essay appropriately.
►Establishes and uses strong transition statements. ►Occasionally uses transitional statements. ►Transitional statements are not always used. ►Fails to use transitional statements.
►Presents compelling reasons and substantial facts and examples. ►Presents solid reasons and some facts and examples. ►Provides limited support for the argument. ►Provides minimal or faulty support.
►Communicates to the audience. ►Shows and awareness of the audience. ►Displays and inconsistent awareness of the audience. ►Conveys no awareness of the audience.
►Sentence Fluency varied, effective sentences flow naturally; uses both simple and complex sentences; varied beginnings, lengths, and patterns add appeal. ►Sentence Fluency crafts careful sentences that are easy to read and understand; sentence lengths and patterns vary, and fit together well. ►Sentence Fluency sentences are understandable, but may be choppy, rambling, or awkward; some writing is difficult to follow or read aloud. ►Sentence Fluency uses choppy, rambling, or confusing sentences; does not understand how words and sentences fit together; writing doesn’t follow natural sentence patterns, and is hard to read aloud.
Conventions has strong skills in most writing conventions; proper use of the rules of English enhances clarity; editing is largely unnecessary. ►Conventions uses most conventions correctly; some editing may be needed; errors don’t make the paper hard to understand. ►Conventions makes frequent noticeable mistakes which prevent an even reading of the text; extensive need for editing. ►Conventions has repeated errors in spelling, word choice, punctuation and usage; some parts are impossible to understand.