Stick to the Subject Matter

Default / Sunday, March 25th, 2018

Whatever you write it must be totally relevant to the subject matter and what I was telling you about your introductory note in the planning stage you just have to write the key words but when you write it and when you need to expand it and in the SE you expand the s aspherical e so the introductory note should be around five to seven percent of the length of your essay so like that you can write the essay dessert just there’s general guidelines okay so now let’s see these are something are we going to discuss in detail.

Like how will you choose the topic okay choosing the right topic from among number of topics is very crucial because topics you have lot of choices in the question paper then you need to choose a topic which you are best at because topics could be political economic social scientific and so on now the first consideration should be your area of interest or scientific if you are interested in political issues prefer that mean if in social or scientific issues choose the topic from that area don’t reject a particular topic on the ground that you don’t want to have the facts right ready okay in fact most topics are such that you won’t be having much factual knowledge about them so what the examiner expects from you is not the plethora of facts but a keen insight into the topic your sole criteria behind choosing the particular topic should be your ability to think linked and come up with new ideas so think before you reject a particular topic so therefore choosing a topic is very important and now I have told you how to choose the topic now brainstorming in a while discussing that foundation.

I told you there are two type of brainstorming that is the basic brainstorming other is the committed brainstorming basic brainstorming you do by putting your thoughts randomly no but randomly what I mean in the survey / you have a rough sheet now let’s see what you will do I won’t take a specific topic in this example I will just mention a B and C try to link up with your essay topics okay what is the random and the basic brainstorming like once you have chosen the topic you will write all the points that are coming into your mind and you won’t stop doing that how will they do that you will do this suppose there’s a there are many thoughts coming in mind my mind I will write here one point here other point d e f g h i j k l m and okay these ABC this is not ABC this is the thoughts that are coming in your mind okay now have you seen what I have done I have not written them in a sequence if I have written the first thought which was coming in mind my mind here then I have written the other thought here and the next thought I have written us see where is C yeah here okay so random means it should literally be random.